What is a negotiated tender?

Are you looking to embark on the exciting journey of building a new architecturally designed home, or creating an addition to your current home design? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Allow us to introduce you to the concept of a negotiated tender—a highly effective approach that can make your building experience remarkably smooth, encompassing every facet of your project, from the foundational structures to the final touches.

In essence, a negotiated tender involves a collaborative effort between you, your architect, and your builder. Together, you’ll collaboratively create, design, and bring to life your envisioned renovation or custom home. The key to this method’s success lies in initiating this three-way collaboration at the earliest stages Why? Because for the best building experience, you will want a buildable design.

But what exactly is a buildable design? It signifies that the architectural plans developed by your architect are not just artistic concepts but can feasibly be transformed into a tangible structure by your builder. Great architects bring practicality to their designs, and excellent builders work with these designs to physically bring them to life.

The process commences with a pivotal step: sitting down with your architect and builder to delve into your project’s budget. Your envisioned investment for your home will significantly influence key aspects, encompassing allowances for structural engineering, design intricacies, and material selections. Through close collaboration with your architect and builder, a range of viable options can be explored, aligning precisely with what your budget allows.

As you progress through the negotiated tender process practical and structural decisions will need to be made. This phase encompasses considerations such as the seamless integration of essential utilities—like air-conditioning and heating systems—into your home’s design and construction. The earlier these necessities are factored in, the more effortlessly the buildable design takes shape. Drawing upon the expertise and experience of both architect and builder, considerations of placement and installation come together – think of it as the skeleton of your home, and one that has great bone structure!

With those foundational elements established, the focus shifts to the aesthetic features and finishing touches that will grace your home. Harnessing the collective knowledge and insights of your architect and builder ensures that your home will exhibit not only exquisite form but also impeccable function. From the thoughtful layout of wet areas to meticulous waterproofing and finishes, a negotiated tender gives you the confidence your home will look and operate exactly the way as you envisioned.

Now, you may wonder about the potential drawbacks of opting for a negotiated tender? Involving three parties at the beginning of your building project adds both time and monetary investment. However, this approach is a necessary investment when it comes to the realm of architectural renovations and custom homes. Unfortunately, some architect’s designs focus solely on aesthetics. Conversely, some builders do not consider good design. A negotiated tender brings the best buildable design to your building project, and the extra time and monetary investments ensure you will enjoy your new home right now and well into the future.

When the time comes to select your architect and builder, transparency is paramount. Clearly communicate your intentions from the outset—how you envisage working together. This transparency lays the foundation for a fruitful, effective partnership that will accompany you throughout your building journey. With the added time a negotiated tender takes, it’s important you enjoy the company of the people you work with!

At Sheridan Building, we are adept at operating within the negotiated tender framework and welcome collaboration with your architect. We also have a suite of exceptional architects whom we can suggest in case you haven’t enlisted one yet.

We look forward to working together to bring your architectural dreams to life. Contact us today to get started.