At Sheridan Building, customer satisfaction comes first. That’s why we offer a range of guarantees for our valued clients:



We agree to finish your home within the agreed timeframe, otherwise we’ll pay you for the inconvenience.


We put a lot of effort into producing our Detailed Cost Analysis, ensuring that we are providing clients with the most accurate pricing. For instance, unlike many builders we don’t use broad square metre rates for our custom projects as these are inaccurate and misleading. Instead, we offer a detailed cost analysis that breaks down each and every cost of your unique brief. On top of this, we offer a fixed price contract to protect you from additional costs.


At Sheridan, we construct our homes to the highest level of quality which we achieve through our stringent quality control processes. We engage an independent Building Surveyor to ensure our homes adhere to the Australian building standards and regulations.


We give our clients a ten-year structural guarantee, to ensure the integrity of your home for a decade.


We are confident you will love every part of your new home, but our service does not end here. When you first move in it can be difficult to check everything is as you expected and works the way you had hoped. We will return after a 3 months to conduct and additional inspection. This is to be certain you are happy with the project, and to make any adjustments that may be necessary to ensure you continue to enjoy your new home