Our Process

Our process of building your dream home, step-by-step

Here at Sheridan, we aim to make the building process as streamlined and simple as possible. We have a hard-working, exceptional team on hand, including tradespeople and our in-house designers, who can bring any dream home idea to life.

We also are more than happy to work alongside Architects and Draftsmen that a client has in mind. Many of our builds operate in this way,winning us prestigious building and design awards.

Client Questionnaire

A brief overview

After our initial consultation, we’ll provide a questionnaire to complete. This will give us a better understanding of what you hope to achieve for your project. The more detail you can provide the better we can tailor our service to your needs.

Site Meeting

Getting to know you

We’ll meet you on-site to discuss your ideas in further detail. We will observe existing site conditions and form a more detailed understanding of your project

Preliminary Agreement

Let’s get things underway

We enter into a Preliminary Agreement. This will enable us to engage our design team and any relevant consults. If you have all the required documentation, then we can move straight on to the Detailed Preliminary Cost Analysis.

Design Brief

What you want from the project

Here’s where you let us know what you want from the project, and perhaps what you don’t want. It is helpful to prepare a list of what you would like, and sort them into lists such as; “Must haves”, and “Dream list”. This can help us know what level of priority to place on your requests.

Feature Survey

A detailed map of the property

A licenced land surveyor will inspect your property. This includes the accurate location and dimensions of all structures, trees, fences, neighbouring structures and slope of the land itself. This is crucial to ensure your plans are accurate and compliant with council requirements.

Title and Associated Documents

Property details

We need to obtain a current extract of title, title plan, and associated documents. This will confirm the location and orientation of the tile boundaries, marked easements or restrictions, and other critical information.

Council Property Certificates

Council requirements or restrictions

We’ll apply to the council for property specific details that may impact your project. These could include requirements for termite protection, flood risk and previously issued permits.

Concept Plans


You’ll bring your concept plans or drawings to our estimator, our team can review your plans. Our team can work through various options during this period, our estimating team will ensure that the progress of the design aligns with your budget.

Full Scale Walk Through

Now the fun part!!

Once the concept plans have been reviewed and finalised, you’ll be invited to a full-scale walkthrough facility. Using state of the art technology, you and your whole family will be able to experience walking around the yet-to-be-built home. We’ll also add in real furniture and household items so you can get a better scene of the size of rooms etc.

Town Planning Permit

Letting the council know you plans

Some projects will require an application to the council for a planning permit. If we need to do this, we show our plans to the council. The time this process takes varies. For complex cases, we’ll work with a town planning consultant to quicken the process.

Working Drawings

To communicate with us and others what you want to build

Working drawings are detailed plans that include dimensions and references to the site conditions. These plans are used to ensure that the design will function with the site, as well as any existing structures.

Engineering Plans

The structure

This involves designing and specifying the structural elements of the building. This starts with analysis of the soil report and designing the footing system to support the structure. This also includes specifying the main load bearing components of the frame. The engineering is necessary for a detailed quote to be prepared. The work involved in engineering varies depending on the final design, soil test, existing structure and site conditions. For this reason we provide an estimate only, with a fixed figure available during the working drawings stage

Soil Report

How stable is your site?

A geological technician will extract a sample of your site profile for analysis. The samples are extracted using either a hand auger, or drill unit mounted to a vehicle, depending on site access and depth of test. A 100mm diameter hole is drilled at 2-3 points on the site, with depth dependant on project requirements. It is then backfilled with little evidence visible. The report is then used to design the footing system.

Energy Report

How efficient is your home?

The building elements and design are analysed to find the energy performance of the proposed structure. This information is then used to determine the rating of insulation required in the ceiling, walls and sometimes floor. The minimum performance requirements for the window frames and glass are also provided in the energy report.

Electrical Plans

Lights, cameras, alarms…

The electrical plan will show the proposed location of lights, switches, power points, TV points, data points, CCTV, alarms, appliances. This plan is to allow a quote to be provided by the electrician, and to show compliance with current regulations.

Cabinetry Plans

Kitchen, vanities, laundry etc…

Detailed drawings of all of the built in Cabinetry. This is not a requirement but will provide a more streamlined build and a more accurate costing for the final budget.

Fire BAL Report

Bushfire Risk Assessment

Although your home is likely located in a built-up suburban area, we’re required to undertake a Bushfire Attack Level assessment (BAL). This will determine if any extra precautions needed to be taken in the selection of materials and products used.

Title re-establishment

Checking the boundaries

Most fences are not exactly on the correct boundary line. It is important that new structures do not encroach on neighbouring properties. A licenced land surveyor must be engaged to establish the correct boundary line as per the title documents. If you are aware of any structures that are currently crossing boundaries, please let us know.

Interior Design

All the pretty things

We have access to a purpose-built selection studio hosted by qualified interior designers. Or we can recommend an experienced interior designer we have collaborated with on other home building projects. With the myriad of different fixtures and finishes available, and rapid changes in trends, we’re now seeing more clients opt for the expertise of an interior designer to assist them throughout their home building journey.

Detailed Cost Analysis

What will it cost?

Our team at Sheridan Building always puts the highest level of effort, quality and attention to detail into everything we do, including our quotes. Instead of offering a free, single pagequotebasedpurely on a square metre rate, we offer a fully customised and detailed cost analysis withall the unique and relevant details to bring your home to life. We provide a personalised, transparent service that gives you confidence and certainty that your project will be completed to the highest of standards, on time and on budget.

We start by contacting the relevant trades and material suppliers for their pricing, (negotiating accordingly). We also then review theproposed construction methods, ensuring they are the most cost-effective and efficient form of construction

Our Estimator then compiles a fully itemised and detailed cost analysis of your proposed home.

Reflect and Review

Now we finalise the documentation

We meet with you and conduct a full review of the project – this is the time to make any tweaks or changes, should they be required.


Construction Contract

Time to get excited

We issue you with an Industry Standard HIA Contract. You will have ample time to review and present any questions you may have.


Let the work begin

Our directors oversee every facet of the build at Sheridan Building. This means we can ensure the highest standard of craftsmanship and design is being met.

Our client access app keeps you up to date with the entire process of the build. We’ll also organise regular on-site walkthroughs. If you change your mind about something, we’ll do our best to accommodate and incorporate this request.

Our management software not only keeps things on schedule, it allows clients to monitor their budget. Any changes or upgrades a client requests are updated quickly. This reassures our clients, as they can always see that they are within their budget, simply by checking the app on their phone.

We only employ the best tradespeople, many of which we have enjoyed a long working history with. Building a home contains many moving parts, and it’s essential that everyone is able to work diligently and harmoniously on the project together. Travis and Jarrod Sheridan oversee every stage of the project, using their combined fifty-years of knowledge and expertise to ensure not only that the highest quality of finish is being met, but that’s it’s an enjoyable, exciting and easy process for everyone involved.


Enjoy your new space

The most exciting part! Before we hand over the keys, we’ll do a walkthrough to ensure you’re happy with every aspect of the home. You’ll also receive a personalised homeowner’s manual.

We also provide a 12-week maintenance period where if you notice anything that needs attention, we can come back to the home and amend the issue.