The importance of communication in building

When looking for a builder to craft your luxury custom home, you’ve probably focused on the builder’s reputation, the extent of their experience and the type of services they specialise in. While these attributes are certainly very important to ensuring a quality home, you shouldn’t forget communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a building project. A quality builder will practice open communication with clients and be there to talk through any complications or concerns. You want to work with someone who will always keep you informed and up to date. 

You’ll also want to work with someone who understands that communication is a two-way street and will always try to collaborate with you throughout the project. After all, a custom home build is a huge financial and emotional investment, so you want to work with someone who understands the gravity of the project and is willing to guide you through the process with friendly and personable service. 

Here’s how you can look out for a quality builder who will ensure communication is always upheld. 

Have a track record of quality customer service 

As you peruse a builder’s completed projects, make sure you read any client feedback and testimonials as well – these should appear on their website, social media channels and Google business listing. 

Take special note of how past clients describe the builder’s communication style. Do clients talk about their openness in meetings, that they were always easy to reach during the build? Do they call out their honesty and transparency or mention that they took a hands-on approach to the project? These are good indications that the builder has strong communication skills.

You could also reach out to past clients directly to gain a better understanding of what the builder is actually like to work with. 

Establish clear communication early 

When you enquire about a builder’s services, look for someone who is direct and upfront. If a builder is using vague phrasing or terms, this may be a bad sign – they may be trying to downplay certain costs or other concerns. You don’t want to work with someone who won’t be fully transparent about the cost, timeline and process of your project from the beginning. 

A builder who is honest and upfront will be more likely to keep the build on schedule and your budget strictly adhered to. 

Keep you informed and are willing to listen 

In those early meetings with your builder, take special note of how they translate your ideas and thoughts into plans. Consider how what you need and want in your home is being taken on board and whether the builder is striving to truly make your vision a reality. 

A builder who listens will deeply understand your project and be able to turn that knowledge into an incredible home that exceeds your expectations. 

Have multiple channels of communication 

A builder shouldn’t just be prompt on email. They should be available for phone calls and in-person meetings, within reason. Throughout the build, a quality builder should organise regular on-site meetings and send through regular photo and video updates of the progress.

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