The Difference Between Project Build and Custom Build

A custom build focuses on delivering your dream home with minimal compromise, and maximum quality.

Where a project build involves choosing from a set selection of pre-made designs, a custom build is a unique structure designed specifically for your needs, to suit your property and budget.

A custom build means working with a select team committed to fulfilling on your vision. A project build may be slightly less costly, but the amount of compromise involved could leave you dissatisfied with the result.

There is no conveyor belt approach to homes at Sheridan Building. Each custom built home involves working closely with our experts from the design stage, through construction, to final handover of your dream home.

Personalise your build

A project build involves choosing from existing designs provided by the company. Your personal vision is not the design’s key motivation. Design elements you had your heart set on may be discarded, or prove potentially costly alterations.

Our Design and Build philosophy mean the Sheridan Build design team channel living space priorities into a stunning, unique boutique design home. We commit ourselves to a comprehensive process combining your concept with budget.

Our reputation matters

As custom built specialists, our business grows and thrives on recommendations and reviews. We work with trades people and suppliers we know will always deliver exemplary product and performance.

Project builds may be created en masse. In contrast, the best custom builders treat each project as if it were their own home. Award winning luxury homes require care, craftsmanship, adaptability, and innovation.

Working to your budget

The price-saving aspect of a project build comes from prearranged designs and a sometimes limiting selection of fittings. Making changes can leave you notably out of pocket, to the point of wishing you chose a custom build.

Sheridan Building provide a Detailed Cost Analysis. During the build, our app allows you to access any impact of requested changes on budget. High-quality custom builds are an exclusive, detail-focused experience.

A custom build equals exceptional care

A project build may be one part of a massive annual construction turnover. Custom builders generally take a different approach. With fewer annual projects, the spotlight is on superior engagement.

At Sheridan Building, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to each collaboration. We utilise technology to help you envision your future home, including our online portal and client access app.

Motivation and performance

Have you considered what motivates your builder? For us, the answer is clear. Our team are focused on brilliance, not on quotas. Custom building is a passion. Our professional pride is on the line, in every detail.

Being a bespoke business means we work closely with you, in a sincere and straightforward way. We explain the timeline and respect your budget constraints. Our team is trustworthy, and will always be on hand.

We have the experience

Siblings are at the heart of Sheridan Building. We’ve experienced three generations of our family working as builders in Melbourne. As brothers, we started this company to invest that accumulated knowledge in people’s dream homes.

If interested in seeing how Sheridan Building can interpret your ideas regarding the perfect home, give us a call, send us a query, or visit us at our office in Moonee Ponds to discuss your project.