The benefits of a detailed cost analysis

When beginning the exciting journey of building your dream home, it can be tempting to start by sourcing a number of ‘free quotes’.

While it may seem there is little risk involved in a ‘free’ process, it could end up costing you more than you think. 

Unfortunately, most builders simply do not have the resources to provide a detailed quote free of charge. This means corners are often cut when estimating the cost of your build, and there could be some nasty surprises further down the line. 

Here, we reveal the key benefits of investing in a detailed cost analysis.

You could save money

Paying money to save money may seem a little counterintuitive – but it’s one of the greatest benefits of a detailed cost analysis. 

Custom homes are not like cookie-cutter builds, and each one has very specific requirements to consider. A detailed cost analysis dives deep into the needs of your particular project, meaning a dedicated budget consultant will tailor the entire process to your needs. 

By examining the plans, tests, reports, site surveys and specifications in detail, your consultant can identify areas of concern and suggest more budget-friendly ways to complete certain parts of the project. 

When you know exactly how and where your money is being spent, you have the power to add or remove items and ensure you are receiving appropriate discounts.

It ensures your home ticks all the boxes

Your home is unique and deserves to be treated that way – after all, the greatest joy of a custom home is being able to ensure it meets your requirements completely. 

By digging deep into the specifics of your build, a budget consultant can raise any red flags and make sure the plans include everything you asked for. 

When you go into a project knowing all boxes are ticked, you can be confident there will be no need for changes once construction is under way – saving you precious time and money.

Your project will run more smoothly 

When you opt for a free quote, it’s important to note this will most likely be based on a very quick estimate. This can often lead to disappointment further along the line, causing an uncomfortable dispute between client and builder. In worst case scenarios, the builder may even go bankrupt after taking on a project that’s more costly than envisaged. 

With a detailed cost analysis under your belt, you will know exactly what to expect from the process. Every cent is accounted for and the timeline will be as accurate as possible, meaning you can relax, knowing your dream home is safely underway.

You’ll benefit from expert knowledge

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that a busy builder will be able to take the time to answer questions you have about the free quote in detail. 

When you opt for a detailed cost analysis with Sheridan Building, you will benefit from our many years in the industry and our keen eye for detail. If you have any questions or concerns, your dedicated consultant will be on hand to answer. 

Knowledge is power and the more you understand the process, the easier it will be to make sure your budget, needs and timeframe are all taken into account.


If you’d like to arrange a detailed cost analysis for your custom home, contact the team at Sheridan Building today.