The advantages of engaging a builder early

The situation: You’ve decided to invest in building a new custom home or renovating your existing space, but you’re confused about where to begin. Who should you call or engage first? Who is the best person to help mould your ideas into tangible house plans? 

A lot of people will engage an architect or designer first, which makes sense, as they are the ones who will design your home for you. But complications can arise when you wait to engage the builder in a home building project. In fact, there are many advantages of working with a builder from the very beginning. You’ll save money, time, effort and enjoy a stress-free build. 

In this blog, we’re explaining the role of an architect and why it’s important to work with a builder from the very beginning of your building journey. Keep reading to find out more.

The role of an architect

An architect should be focus wholly on design but in recent years this role has grown to encompass many other aspects. It is believed that architects now spend 75% of their time on non-design tasks, such as admin and documentation. This can lead to what’s called “defensive architecture”, where not enough attention and time is spent perfecting a design and ensuring it meets a client’s requirements. This can cause issues during the construction phrase. 

The lack of attention on design from the earliest stages of a build can mean the ability to control costs is limited as a project progresses. Likewise, as the design develops further, changes become more arduous and time-consuming to make. This can lead to issues with the end result of the home. For instance, to remain within budget, cheaper finishes may be used as a replacement, which can impact the functionality and style of the home. 

A new strategy 

To move away from this often inefficient system, we need to work towards a new strategy, where design is the sole focus for architects, so it can be perfected. Likewise, construction and construction management should be the sole focus of a builder.

For architects, less attention should be placed on documentation, while more emphasis should be placed on finessing and perfecting a design to ensure this meets all the requirements set out by the client. This will cause less complications in the long run, and result in a better, more beautiful home. 

The reasons to engage a builder early

Engaging a builder early is the perfect way to mitigate the above issues. When you work with a builder from the earliest stages, you’ll have time to brainstorm ideas, run through your requirements and explain your budget and any time frames or deadlines. You can then introduce your chosen architect to the builder, or your builder can introduce you to architect suitable for the project. This will lessen the burden on the architect and the builder.

When engaged early and working in collaboration with the architect, your builder will be able to analyse your design in detail, pointing out elements that may not fit your budget and suggesting approaches and materials that may control costs. Your resulting home will benefit greatly from your architect and builder working together at the very beginning. Not only will you achieve the project of your dreams, but you’ll receive a home delivered on time and within budget. 

Engaging with a builder early will also mean paperwork and documentation can be completed by them, so your architect’s attention can remain firmly on the design of the home. A reputable and trustworthy builder will have the experience to guide you through all permits, contracts and council approval necessary for your home build. 

A simple, stress-free build

When you engage a builder from the early stages of design, the process will be simpler, seamless and you’ll likely avoid stressful complications. Instead of having multiple parties become involved at different times during the process, each stakeholder will know who they are working with, what the brief is and what they need to do to make the project successful, right from the beginning.


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