The Shortage of Building Materials and the Effects on Your Custom Build/Renovation

Navigating the task of renovating or building your dream home for you and your family can seem like a daunting one. With the current shortages on building materials and labour, knowing the right way forward and the best solution can be stressful and expensive if you don’t have the right builder onboard.

What a family business means for you

At Sheridan Building, we build award-winning homes. We’re a family business and because our knowledge and skills have been passed down through three generations of Australian builders, we understand the needs of families when building their homes. Not only will your home look amazing and be a high-quality build, but it will also be functional and practical for you and your family too.

Navigating the challenge of building material shortages

With shortages on building materials and labour, it may seem like a challenging time to start building your dream home. The on-going effects of COVID-19 have caused supply chain delays across a range of building supplies. This has doubled, and even tripled, wait times on timber, steel, windows, and electrical supplies. Along with the rising demand for new construction in Australia, and the on-going labour shortage with an estimated 100,000 unfilled roles in construction, building your new home without proper knowledge and assistance can be a real challenge.

At Sheridan Building it is our goal to build mutual trust so when you choose to build or renovate your home with us, we offer a range of guarantees. With the current supply shortages, we collaborate with you to create a realistic and accurate working timeline that suits your needs. Furthermore, we work with you to create a detailed cost analysis which will suit your financial needs and budget. Given the rising material prices, we do our best to offer expert advice on cost saving options and techniques to ensure your home is built to the highest standard at a price which represents fair value.

The support you need

We are here to support you through your home building process, and work hard to make it enjoyable and engaging. All our clients have access to our unique client management system, which allows them to manage the selections of their build and see all progress online. Our client management system is also a great way to see and manage the budget of the build, with transparent pricing and alternative options.

We aim to ensure all our clients receive the highest quality home, which is functional, affordable and suits all their family’s needs. There’s no reason to put off renovating or building your new home. At Sheridan Building we help you at every step of the way, taking the stress away from all the difficult decisions, ensuring that building and designing your dream home is an enjoyable and exciting process.

If you have plans to build a beautiful family home, talk with us today.