The Importance Of Collaboration Between Your Builder And Architect

Building your dream home is an incredible milestone, and one you’ll remember for years to come. But it’s no small feat. There will be many decisions to make, and countless parties involved in bringing your vision to life, which can make the process feel stressful at sometimes overwhelming.

Like anything, it’s not just about the end result, but the journey you took to get there. Which is why we’d recommend making this process as streamlined and enjoyable as possible, and the best way to do this is by having your builder and architect work closely together from day one. We’ve compiled five reasons why this will enhance your building journey and make it a memory worth reminiscing.   


It’s always easiest to work with people you know. Which is why having your architect and builder work together from the ideation phase will strengthen your building process. It’ll give them an opportunity to be on the same page from the beginning and help create a positive working relationship that’ll make the whole building phase smoother. This synergy can avoid miss-communication or misinterpretation, which can prevent inconsistencies from occurring between the planning and building phase.

One key decision-maker

One of the biggest benefits from having your architect and builder collaborate from the beginning is having a lead decision-maker. When there are multiple parties involved in the build, which is usually the case, your builder may not know who to turn to when a key decision needs to be made, and this may cause potential delays.

But, if your architect works with your builder through the whole process, you can appoint them as lead decision-maker and avoid needing to mediate between parties. They’ll bring their industry knowledge and design insight, meaning you can trust them to make the right decisions for your vision.  

Cost management

Going over budget deep into the building stage is a sure way to add stress to your building journey, and something that can be avoided if your builder and architect collaborate in the design phase.

Generally speaking, builders can have a more up-to-date knowledge of building costs, including materials and labour, as it forms part of their day-to-day operations. Having them involved in the design phase can allow them to point out any cost discrepancies early on, giving your architect ample time to readjust the design to stay within budget, and it avoids you approving a beautiful design that’ll cause setbacks down the line.

Quality control

They say many hands make for light work, and that’s true for reaching high-quality results. When working together during the ideation phase, your architect and builder can brainstorm as a team, taking into consideration your budget and project limitations, and allowing them to create truly unique results that pre-empt and avoid any challenges that may arise down the track.

This is true for the construction phase also. Having your architect present during construction allows them to provide useful guidance on the details of your home and eliminates the potential for any variations to occur.

At Sheridan Building, we ensure your building journey is as smooth and simple as possible. We do this by liaising with a range of partners involved in the build from architects to council members, subcontractors and beyond, to ensure the process is streamlined and the work completed always exceeds our standards.

If you’re looking to build your forever home, speak with our friendly team today.