5 Statement Design Trends for 2022

While 2021 may not have brought the radical lifestyle change that we had hoped for, there’s no doubt that the future of home design has continued to evolve. As we look to the trends that will dominate the year ahead, it’s obvious that many of them are a response to the unique demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are also a number of new design concepts that are set to make spending time at home more comfortable, fulfilling, and luxurious than ever.

Based on our interactions with clients, expert opinions, and industry research, we’ve come up with 5 statement design trends that will define homes built in 2022 – keep reading to find out what they are.

Old meets new

The best design cues are characterised by timelessness, and in 2022 we predict a resurgence of more traditional design elements – with a contemporary twist. Combining touches of grand, traditional luxury such as rich wood tones with modern furniture or decorations is a fantastic way to bring contrast and a touch of playfulness to your home. Not only can this ‘old meets new’ style feel refreshing for anyone tired of stark contemporary design, but it also ensures that the look of your home isn’t at risk of going out of style as quickly. As people spend more time in their homes, keeping up with trends becomes less important, with more homeowners set to prioritise timeless, classic design than ever.

Indulge in purpose-led spaces…

One of the defining movements of the COVID pandemic has been the recognition of a need for more purpose-led spaces. While the demand for home offices saw an immediate rise in popularity, people are now turning towards spaces that are more fun than functional – such as a playroom for their kids, a designated entertainment room, or even a speakeasy-style space like the one we created for our Brighton clients [link]. For families set to indulge in these kinds of spaces, this may mark a movement away from the popularity of open-plan living, as we spend more of our lives pursuing work and hobbies from the comfort of our own homes.

… and more space in general

As the pandemic forced more people to live and work from their own homes, it also forced them to confront its drawbacks. One of the most common issues was a lack of space, as people became claustrophobic and uncomfortable co-existing with their whole family at home.

As a result, the renewed focus on comfort at home will drive people to expand their everyday living spaces. This means not only bigger kitchens and living rooms, but also expanded entryways and storage spaces for an improved sense of freedom and convenience while moving about the home. An oversized entryway in particular is a fantastic way to make an immediate statement to guests and add a touch of grandiosity to your home that we love, and believe we’ll be seeing more of in the coming years.

Natural textures and tones

Bringing the outside in through biophilic design and the welcoming of natural light has been an integral part of home designs over the past couple of years. While this trend isn’t going anywhere, expect to see the introduction of raw and organic materials and textures as another way of bringing nature into the home. This may include features such as natural stone floors, travertine, and marble with dramatic veining in countertops. While these are all statement materials that will add a touch of luxury to your home, they also possess a natural warmth that will make it feel more homely.

Luxurious materials & tactile comforts

As homeowners increasingly recognise the importance of texture within the home, we expect people to become more experimental (and indulgent) with the materials they include in their design. And with comfort at a premium right now, they are also becoming more open to spending money on the little luxuries that will make their lives easier. While ‘luxurious comfort’ is on the rise via soft materials and shapes that embody a sense of well-being, this design can’t come at the cost of durability and ease of use. Luckily, luxurious performance fabrics are easier to find than ever – allowing you to introduce elements of tactile intrigue while simultaneously improving the liveability of your home.

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