5 Reasons to Consider a Knockdown Rebuild

Rather than trying to compromise with renovations, why not embrace the cost-effective design freedom a knockdown rebuild offers? At Sheridan Building we’re committed to identifying the most viable, cost-effective, and beneficial way to upgrade your home – and for many clients, this means a knockdown rebuild.

As custom home specialists, we know a modern knockdown rebuild can deliver on a number of fronts. Here are five reasons it might be time to consider this option for your home.

1. Location, location, location

Is the current market pricing you out of your neighbourhood? If so, why not stay on land you already own? One positive of a knockdown rebuild is that it allows you to remain in a beloved community.

Buying, selling, and renovating all come with additional costs and potential surprise expenses that can be excluded from initial estimates. At Sheridan Building we meticulously outline the cost-effective nature of a knockdown rebuild from the outset.

2. You’re looking for design freedom

Renovations address the most pressing issues. In contrast, a knockdown and rebuild can resolve numerous problematic features at once – south-facing lounge living spaces, small kitchens and laundries, and bedroom shortages can all be rectified.

Looking to build up? Want to move your home closer to the boundary for improved curb side appeal? Need better storage solutions? Or is integrated tech your lifestyle dream? With a knockdown rebuild, all possibilities are now on the table.

3. It’s time for future proofing

Now is your chance to introduce sustainable features into your home. From high performing passive heating and cooling choices to skylights, solar power, and energy-efficient appliances, the options are almost endless.

A knockdown rebuild also means avoiding problems common in ageing homes. Instead, you have the chance to create a contemporary bespoke living experience that meets and exceeds your present and future needs.

4. It may be the cheapest option

Clients are often shocked to learn demolishing and rebuilding their home may prove cheaper than extensive renovations or a new home purchase — and that’s before the long-term impact of reduced utility costs.

Stories of renovations gone wrong include stretched timelines and budgets, equalling stress and debt. As renowned custom home specialists, maintaining deadlines is essential to maintaining our reputation.

5. You want a seamless building process

Worried that a knockdown rebuild will be too time-consuming and difficult to manage? Don’t be. At Sheridan Building, we have the systems in place to make this a clear and accessible home building journey.

From concept and consult, to demolition, design, construction, and interiors, our experienced specialist team ensure your knockdown rebuild is easy to navigate, resulting in a dream home of exceptional quality.

Let’s talk possibilities

As award-winning custom homes specialists, Sheridan Building can be trusted to deliver premium quality performance. Based in Moonee Ponds, our friendly team will always meet the unique custom home needs of our clients.

We take pride in transformative projects that deliver outstanding luxury homes. And when Sheridan Building take on a knockdown rebuild, expect ongoing transparent communication around the progress of your new family home.

For further discussion around the advantages of a knockdown rebuild or to kick-start the process, contact our friendly team today.