5 reasons to select a custom builder

With more time being spent at home than ever before, we’re realising how much the design and functionality of a home can dictate our daily lives. However, when you build a home from a pre-designed plan or engage a volume builder to create your space, this isn’t always something you can control.

In 2021, why not build a home that not only fits your style, but also meets your needs? Here are 5 reasons why we recommend looking to engage a custom builder to craft your new home. 

1. Personalised service

Custom builders will generally take the time to understand the lives, personalities and requirements of the clients they are working with. At Sheridan Building, we’re a family business so we understand the importance of family homes that truly support your unique lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our personalised service and building connections with clients. 

Another great thing about custom builders is they will generally take on fewer projects each year, which means they can offer greater attention to detail. When you work with a volume builder, you may find yourself with plans that are not site specific, and builders and trades may be too short on time to build a rapport with you. 

2. A home that’s tailored to your needs

With a custom home build, you’ll only pay for the features that are important to you. Whether you desire a quiet at-home office specifically for meeting clientele, a parent’s retreat, reading nooks, or stunning outdoor living spaces and features, custom home building will allow you to create your own personal dream home. 

At Sheridan Building, the design always begins with your ideas and needs – we simply help to expand on your vision, while providing cost-effective suggestions to ensure your budget and timeline are met.

3. Complete control

One of the key differences between a custom and volume home builder is the scope of design. 

With volume builders, you’ll often choose from a pre-prepared house plan identical to many others and it may cost extra to make design changes. When you build with a custom builder, you can create a design from scratch – from floor plans to building materials – incorporating all your wants and needs, as well as your individual style. 

You can also play a key role in the design process, ensuring the end product enhances your lifestyle and exceeds expectations.  

4. Better results

Most custom builders have been working in their local area for many years and rely on positive word-of-mouth referral to remain in business. While volume builders can afford a few bad reviews here and there, a custom builder depends on good feedback and a solid reputation to stay alive. This means a custom builder is more likely to take care of you and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, as the success of their business literally depends on it!

5. Experience

When you choose a custom builder, you’ll likely work with the director of the company and benefit from their extensive experience. Larger companies are more likely to have less experienced account managers looking after you throughout the build. Working with the director means you’re likely dealing with someone who has worked their way from a carpenter to a builder, establishing a business based on passion and quality craftsmanship. 


If you’re ready to build a Melbourne home with a trusted custom builder, get in touch with the team at Sheridan Building today.